Orlistat was developed for the safe losing of the weight process without compromising your health. An affection of the medication is based on the blockage of the absorption of fat digestive system. The drug does not affect mental state, appetite and any body parts.

Orlistat 120 mg – is a drug with the main active ingredient Orlistatum 120 mg from a number of lipase inhibitors, which is effective in getting rid of obesity for obese people. In our online store you can buy Orlistat at an affordable price.

The country of origin of the drug is India. It is valid for 12 hours. You should take this medication during the meal or half-of-an-hour later. Three pills is the maximum allowable dosage.


Merits Of Orlistat Are As Follows:

  • The components of the medication are absorbed by the circulatory system and exert their effect in a localized area – your stomach as well as intestines, without causing any affection on the liver;
  • Orlistat begins its active action by regulation of lipid metabolism as early as the first 24-hours after the admission;
  • Normalization of the methabolism of lipid-carbohydrate comes naturally;
  • There are not any addictions to this drug;
  • The weight of your body decreases gradually as well as painlessly.

Medication is completely eliminated from your body as well as an unchanged form through the food tract. The main efficiency is based on the dissolution and absorbing of the fat cells formation of the lipases connections into the gastroenterological tract. This case promotes fat’s transition to the intestinal masses in an accelerated way; unquenched lipids are eliminated from the body along combined with calves.

Why Should You Start To Use Orlistat

Orlistat helps in the weight control as well as it positively affects condition of the patient with impaired lipid metabolism, hypercholesterolemia, metabolic disorders, and increased blood pressure.

According to its pharmacological action, Orlistat refers to drugs safe to your brain; it will not reduce appetite, does not affect digestion and will not be absorbed into the blood. There is no damage when we talk about liver. Blockade of the fat’s intake in the digestive tract ensures fat’s removal from your body as well as burning of internal stores, as a result of which your weight decreases.

Orlistat can be bought in capsules contained 120 mg per one package 1-4 blisters for 21 capsules. Each dose is containing from the 120 mg of Orlistat and the set of recipients, like cellulose.

Orlistat is useful for persons suffering from the obesity, having a BMI above 30 kg to the norm, suffering from hyperglycemia, a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, and hypertension.


The drug is contraindicated in children less than 12 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, as there are no results of studies on the effect of the drug on the fetus. The drug should not be used for hypersensitivity to Orlistat and other components, as well as for malabsorption syndrome, congestion of bile in the gallbladder or liver. Combination is allowed with drugs against hypoglycemia (metamorphine, insulin, urea sulfonamide). It is forbidden to take the drug together with antiepileptic drugs to avoid cramps.