Today Dapoxetine is mainly used for struggling with premature ejaculation. The disorder mentioned is one of the most common disorders among men. The most sad thing about it is that no one from all the mans is ensured un fighting against this disease. Moreover, the significant number of the representatives that have the stronger sexual life faced this disorder at least once.

This medication called Dapoxetine is able to get you rid from just one particular problem — the increasingly fast an offensive culmination. It will not increase your potency and definitely is not a causative agent.

This medication as well can become the perfect alternative to the surgical operation — the method of it is prescribed in various numbers of cases with the premature ejaculation. Surgery is based on the correction of nervous problems and can be the leader to irreparable various affects on the ability to concentrate because it affects the brain cells. Take this medication carefully.

The Overall Pharmacological Efficiency of Dapoxetine

This medication is the inhibitor of the re-uptake of the hormone serotonin cells in your brain and increases an approximate length of an ejaculation. The first impact you will feel in half of an hour after taking the drug. The effects will last approximately two hours and then it slowly disappears.

This Drug Has Some Contraindications

If you are hypersensitive to any of the component, do not take Dapoxetine, if you have some liver problems or diseases and the same goes with the heart diseases, Parkinson’s and epilepsy as well

How Does Dapoxetine Interact With Other Medications


It is forbidden simultaneous reception with the following drugs:

  • Tryptophan;
  • Preparations for some migraine treatment;
  • Drugs against mental diseases;
  • Narcotic substances.

It is well-known that the interval between an intake Dapoxetine and stopping the mentioned drugs and starting might be two weeks as well. The alcohol intake can produce various side effects and cause the appearance of new ones.

How To Vary The Dosages

The medication called Dapoxetine might be taken once a day, one or two hours before intimacy, washed down with the glass of pure water, absolutely regardless to the food intakes. We recommend you to consumpt no more than one pill a day.

You May Experience Some Side Effects

Headaches, stomach problems, significally increased sweating, some kind of lethargy, the decreasing of an appetite. If you intake alcohol, some new side effects might appear.

If You Buy Dapoxetine You Will Be Familiar With Some Advantages

Probably every man in one’s life experienced some premature ejaculation. It brings down not only you but also your partner as well. Thanks to the Dapoxetine medication you could have your sexual intercourse prolonged three or four times.

Get This Drug In Our Online Pharmacy and You Will Get

  • The only solution for the early ejaculation problem;
  • Feel fresh sensations received because of prolonged sexual interaction;
  • Saving money.