The invention of Dapoxetine has become a veritable revolution in the treatment of premature ejaculation. The coup in the situation with this disease is comparable with the coup that caused the appearance on the pharmaceutical market of Viagra – the first drug from the erectile function disorder. Even the history of the creation of these two revolutionary means is very similar. Both of them were intended for the treatment of other diseases at the first stages of creation: Viagra – angina pectoris, Dapoxetine – depressive states. And only clinical trials on volunteers revealed their unique properties for solving problems of male sexual dysfunctions.

The manufacturing and sale of Dapoxetine in the original medication Priligy from the company Johnson & Johnson began in 2009. He provided men with the opportunity to fully relax, get rid of psychological clamps, long enough to enjoy intimacy and to give pleasure to the beloved. Soon there was a generic original, the active ingredient of which is also Dapoxetine. With the same properties and efficiency, its price is several times lower than that of the original. This very attractive circumstance made it popular and popular.

Before buying Dapoxetine, you should know that the drug begins after a fairly long time – about 1 hour. That is, you need to take it in advance, so that the maximum effect appears at the right time. To correctly calculate their capabilities, men who decide to buy Dapoxetine must remember that they can use its unique properties within 6-8 hours, since that is the time of its action. The substance is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). If the effect of taking other means of selective action appears after 2 weeks, then Dapoxetine is effective from the first dose. It is also important to know that the substance gradually accumulates in the body and, approximately 24 weeks (about 6 months), its maximum effectiveness is manifested.

Excellent results from the use of the drug have been confirmed experimentally. The experiment involved 6 thousand men from more than 20 countries. It was proved that under the influence of the drug:


  • Ejaculation becomes fully manageable;
  • With the intake of 30 mg of active substance, the sexual intercourse lasts 3 times longer, and when 60 mg is used 4 times;
  • After semiannual administration of the drug premature ejaculation disappears, there is a persistent erection, sufficient for a high-quality sexual intercourse, libido increases;
  • Intimacy is much more fun.

Thus, the wide sale of Dapoxetine has become a panacea for serious sexual problems for millions of men around the world. Buy Dapoxetine and you can get new unusual sensations, in order to improve their abilities and give yourself and your lady a longer enjoyment. You can take the drug with medications for erectile dysfunction – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. This gives even greater opportunities to improve the quality of sexual life. Their combination provides a powerful and lasting erection, a long and bright sexual intercourse. This circumstance was used by many pharmaceutical companies and began to produce drugs with two active substances. They give an excellent result.

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