Form of issue. Generic Super Levitra is available in tablets of 80 mg each (4 to 16 tablets in one package).


One tablet includes:

  • 20 mg of Levitra (vardenafil);
  • 60 mg of dapoxetine.

When Is Super Levitra Generic Used?

Levitra Super is prescribed to patients who suffer from disorders associated with potency, and premature ejaculation. Before use, to avoid negative consequences, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

How Does The Drug Work?

Due to the content of vardenafil, which belongs to the group of highly selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors of the latest generation, the agent acts directly on sexual function. And this, in turn, significantly reduces the risk of side effects. Dapoxetine contributes to the acceleration of the processes of production of serotonin, which allows to postpone the onset of ejaculation and increase the duration of sexual intimacy. And Super Levitra greatly improves the blood supply of male genital organs. If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality medicinal product that will effectively help to cope with potency problems, you can buy Super Levitra Generic here and now, on this website. Price Super Levitra you will be offered the lowest.

Instructions For Use

Mode of application. Apply Super Levitra inside, with a sufficient amount of water, at least 40 minutes (one hour) before the alleged sexual intercourse. In this case, it does not matter whether before or after eating you will take the drug. It is not recommended to abuse alcoholic beverages, as this can cause side effects. Initially, the drug can be taken in the amount of 40 mg (half a tablet). For complex situations, in order to achieve maximum effect, take a whole pill, and a dose exceeding 80 mg per day is not allowed. Otherwise, there may be side effects, among which there is nausea, dizziness and headache, redness of the skin.

Basic Contraindications

Super Levitra Generic

Super Levitra is not used by women, as well as by persons who have not reached the age of eighteen. In addition, some categories of men should use Super Levitra with extreme caution, they are referred to:

  • persons who are prone to various kinds of allergic manifestations or are characterized by intolerance to at least one of the components of the drug;
  • persons who are taking drugs, which have nitrates in their composition;
  • persons who are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases (on their list include hypotension and hypertension, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, heart failure and arrhythmia);
  • People with leukemia.

Active Substance

Levitra in capsules is designed to treat sexual dysfunction in men. The preparation is available in the form of capsules. This gives faster absorption and a longer period of action. The main substance is — vardenafil 20 mg.


In comparison with the usual Levitra, Super Levitra Generic has a faster absorption by the human body and lasts up to 50 hours. That is, taking 1 tablet on Saturday morning, you will ensure a dizzying holiday for the whole weekend. In addition, alcohol and food intake do not affect the effect of the drug.