There is nothing terrible if a man experiences some sexual problems because there is a solution for the issue. It happens that age stands on the way to sexual satisfaction. Sometimes the body’s characteristics prevent men from the sacred intercourse. Some men face ejaculation issues, another ones suffer from erectile dysfunction. The solution for all that is here. The Delgra Oral Jelly will help you in solving your sexual riddles. The preparation can be purchased without any prescriptions. It comes in a form of chewing jelly which makes it comfortable to take it anywhere. Affordable price is something that makes it suitable for everyone. You will receive or have your self-confidence and male power back. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised and your pleasures and caresses will last much longer. Receive your full sexual life back with Delgra Oral Jelly.

Delgra Oral Jelly


Sildenafil is the main active component in this preparation. Thankfully to the drug, the blood flow is increased and the muscle tension in removed. This makes erection last up to four hours. The tablet is designed in such a way that it is very quickly absorbed. Your pleasure will be prolonged and full. The best result can be reached if combined with preliminary caresses and frictions.


The preparation comes in the guise of 7 tablets. The regular dosage is 100 mg. You should take it with a glass of clear water 30-90 minutes before sexual act. Only your doctor can increase the dose, do not do this by yourself. Your health will be negatively influenced if you change the dosage by yourself. Delgra Oral Jelly should be taken once per 24 hours. In case you experience a very strong effect, you should decrease the dosage in half.


One should not consume Delgra Oral Jelly together with alcoholic beverages. Before starting the course, you should consult a specialist. He will check if there is any personal intolerance of the drug. Kids underage and women should not take this preparation. Men over the age of 65 should consult their physician before taking Delgra Oral Jelly. People having such diseases as chest pain, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, kidney or liver diseases are not recommended to use the drug.

Side Effects

Rarely side effects can appear. The known number does not exceed 3-4%. There are possible side effects such as: high blood pressure, temporary visual impairment, nausea, stuffy nose, weakness and headaches. The drug should not be taken on a full stomach. Consciousness loss is unlikely to happen.


If there happened an overdose of the preparation, one can experience muscle cramps, fatigue and increased sweating, heartache, vision or hearing loss.

Sildenafil and alcohol are inconsonant. Taking the drug with any other medications can lead to health damage. Children should not have access to this preparation. Having had a double dose of the medication, you can feel absent-minded or mild ailment. Be assured you are allowed to use the drug before buying it.