The main function af a pill is the treatment of mans impotention. Kamagra dosage recommended is 50 mg but it varies according to several factors. The action begins during an hour after taking it in. It is better to take only one pill a day. The present effect is possible only with the presence of natural sexualarousal. According to surveys a single use of sildenafil up to 800 milligrams, increase hardly the possibility of side effects even if the person is totally healthy. Overdosage treatment should be taken according to the symptomatics. Lets find out more about the side effects. If you intake a lot you might experience headaches, dizziness, flushes of blood to the face, change of color perception, increase of photosensitivity, fogging, nasalcongestion, diarrhea, indigestion, rash, respiratory infections, back pain, flu-alike syndrome, arthralgia. But if you watch your dosage and consult carefully you will be fine. All of the side effects mentioned above have short-term effect, their manifestation is not required. At the excess of the recommended doses, adverse events were similar, but were more frequent. An oral dose of 100 milligrams will not affect themotility and morphology of spermatozoa. Kamagra does not affect the reproductive function, and does not provoke spontaneous erection. In a numberof circumstances, it produces a persistent treatment efficiency.

Be Careful With The Kamagra If You

A Few Words About Kamagra

  • Are sensitive to some components;
  • Are passing through the course of nitrate treatment;
  • Use some other drugs from the same pharmacological group.

Be careful with the drug, if you are using some other medications for the same purpose. Thus an overdose become possible. Do not combinesildenafil with a number of cardiac drugs. In general, intake of other different medications, the exact consequences of their interaction can only beindicated by doctor, since in many respects everything is about the dosage. Do not drink alcohol during the therapy. Alcohol itself at a high dosage affects the erection negatively. Kamagra combined with the alcohol at the same time, can be useless.

Pharmachologic effect

Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Kamagra, is a potent remedy of the impotention. Regardless to causes of it: physiological or a psychological factor. It is not important in what form they take place, how much do the last. Drug is not for dealing with these diseases. Kamagra is about not leting themaffect the quality of your sexual life, influence directly the erection mechanism. Kamagra is used in cases where the present erection is not enough. Sildenafil promotes relaxation of smooth muscle tissue and increases the blood flow to the penis. Sildenafil is not for having a direct relaxing effect, itonly enhances the chemical effect, which in called by the various reactions inside of the body to deliver and increase erection. For the efficiency of thedrug the sexual arousal is mandatory. Erection occurs naturally. You can buy Kamagra right here in various dosages.