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Dosage - 120mg
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Have you ever been desperately dreaming of quick and successful weight loss? We offer you such and incredible slimming means as Orlistat which really can help you to achieve healthy weight and even gain an attractive figure.

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These days the problem of obesity is becoming more relevant for many countries in the world. Almost 25% of adults in the developed countries suffer from this illness, and about 50% are overweight. From year to year these figures tend to increase by 0,5%, and such people are more likely to have diabetes. It is possible to deal with this disease only in case of systematic medical supervision, and the correct combination of drug and drug-free treatment. Orlistat – is a medication, which is used to reduce weight and treat obesity. Its action is focused on depression of gastric and pancreatic lipase, which causes lower fat absorption in the intestinal tract. Orlistat is recommended for those who want to lose and normalize weight.
This medication has peripheral action. It can be prescribed for patients of different age groups with morbid obesity. It is safe, as it acts only in the intestinal tract and has no effect on other organs. By reducing fat absorption in the intestinal tract, Orlistat provides energy deficit, as a result of which the organism starts burning fat mass. An additional advantage of this medication is its opportunity to reduce cholesterol concentration in blood.
   Those who started losing weight have to remember that if you buy Orlistat, it doesn’t mean you solve your problem immediately. Magic tablets will only help under complex approach, that’s why it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:
·       to change diet;
·       to reconsider regimen of the day;
·       to include sports into the weight improvement program.
Dealing with the problem from different sides and having the support of Orlistat, it is possible to reach great results within the shortest possible period of time.
Efficiency of this medication is proven by multiple researches and observations. Indeed, one of them was conducted in Germany: it included more than 15 thousand of patients suffering from obesity and a complex of secondary illnesses. In the process of treatment by means of this medication the body weight of these patients reduced by 10,7% average, and Orlistat had a positive effect on the level of arterial pressure, general metabolic processed in organism, carbohydrate metabolism. At the end of treatment most patients got reduced doses of medicine to treat secondary illnesses or completely discontinued. Such grounds are considered as a significant reason to buy Orlistat and start struggling for your health.
Single dose of this medicine is 120 mg. It should be taken no more than three times a day together with the main meal. In case the portion contain minimum amount of fats, it is allowed to miss the intake.
Before buying Orlistat, it is necessary to look through contra indications and side effects. It is not recommended for children under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women. Also contra indication includes nephrolithiasis or hyperoxaluria in past medical history.
Side effects of this medication include gastrointestinal disorders (aerogenesis, frequent defecation, oily discharge etc). Patients sensitive to orlistat can sometimes have intense itching, urticaria fever or rash, bronchial spasms etc. In general, all symptoms are short-term and go away spontaneously.
Today anybody can buy Orlistat. Internet is full of various offers, so you can make an order within the shortest possible period of time. The main thing is to choose a conscientious distributor, who will not let you down with delivery but also will be able to provide additional information.