Kamagra effervescent tablets

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Dosage - 100 mg
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Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer: Ajanta India 

Sildenafil Citrate is prescribed in case of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra® is manufactured by an Indian company Ajanta Pharma and has a GMP Certificate and is recognized by an Indian Ministry of Health, contains generic materials for better potency identical to substances of famous Viagra but has favorable price and is available for men with erectile dysfunction in different product forms. At the present moment Kamagra is the less expensive alternative of Viagra and helps with the erection problems.   Application The medicine must be taken 30 minutes before a beginning of a sexual intercourse. Take the pill and drink it with one glass of water if possible on an empty stomach. Avoid drinking alcohol! 

Side effects:
- Headache
- Slightly blocked nose or  running nose
- Cardiology 

kamagra 100mg

In addition to medications for sexual vigor, which have been familiar to people for a long time, there are novelties appearing every year, which are not only as good as the original, but sometimes even better in some way. Currently a new medication for male erectile dysfunction called Kamagra now is becoming popular. It helps hundreds of men today feel on point again and appreciate the whole beauty of life. It’s quite easy to buy Kamagra: you only have to write the necessary name in the search bar and make an order online. Internet is full of a huge amount of offers, that’s why it is better to check them all in order to choose a seller with good customer feedback and acceptable price.
The medical product is manufactured in India, however, it is possible to order Kamagra online through any Kamagra online shop. The main active ingredient of the medication is sildenafil citrate. It is available as jelly (Kamagra jellies) with orange flavour or aquamarine diamond-shaped tablets (kamagra pills). Each tablet consists of 25, 50 or 100 mg of substance, which guarantees its 6-hour efficiency. The medication – Kamagra has all necessary certificates, which prove its high quality and efficiency.
People who what to make their sexual life better, extend erection and get efficient treatment of erectile dysfunction should buy Kamagra online. A single medication dose is 50 mg. It is not recommended to exceed it without consulting the doctor first.
Buyers who decided to buy kamagra oral jelly or kamagra tablets for the first time have to compare prices of different suppliers in order to make a cheap purchase. You can avoid buying fake medications by asking a seller to show the certificate of quality.

kamagra 100mg oral jelly

Once in organism, medication starts having effect very quickly. In about thirty minutes (maximum time – 2 hours), there is its highest concentration in plasma. It is better to take it on an empty stomach and also avoid eating greasy food as it reduces the rate of absorption and slows down the effect for about 1 hour. The medication should be taken no more than once a day.
Despite the fact that the main way to order kamagra is online shop, it has been generally accepted, effective and safe for long. Once in organism, it causes relaxation of penis muscles, vasodilation, and, as a result, lasting erection. It is possible to explain effect of this medication on organism, if to know physiology of the process itself. In the process of sexual excitement cavernous bodies of penis release nitrogen oxide. It activates a certain ferment called cyclic guanosine monophosphate. The medication causes increase of nitrogen oxide effect and natural erection, which occurs in the process of sexual stimulation. That's exactly why many people choose super kamagra. Stationary pharmacy, unfortunately, is not always able to provide a wide choice, that’s why it is easier to order this medication - kamagra pills - online.
This medication is convenient because when you take it, there is no spontaneous erection. Everything happens exactly when you need. For those people who want to know more about effect of kamagra oral, online pharmacies will never refuse to provide help and detailed consultation. This medication is an analog of Viagra and it has similar effect. The advantage of it is lower price, so a lot of men today choose kamagra tablets. Online pharmacy is always open to people who want to but high quality medication at acceptable price.

kamagra 100 mg

A lot of men are ashamed of their problem and don’t like queuing in hospital. Today it is possible to buy kamagra fast without prescription, however, if you worry, it is better to visit a doctor to eliminate contra indications.
Medication kamagra 100 is not allowed for the following patients:
·       allergic to the active ingredient of a medical product – Sildenafil;
·       Kamagra now must be prescribed only by a specialist. 50 mg is usually enough to solve the problems;
·       it is not recommended for those taking medicine with nitrates – this can cause overdosage; ·       Kamagra pills without prescription is unacceptable for people suffering from GIT problems (ulcer); ·       medication for sexual vigor Kamagra 100 is not prescribed for people with poor blood clotting ability; ·       it is not allowed for children;
·       patients with liver and kidney failure are not recommended to use this medication. If you simply visit a doctor, it will help dispel all doubts and get an exact prescription – kamagra 100 mg or a standard half of a tablet.


Classical medications have more credibility than novelties. Nevertheless, there was a time when popular medications used to be new and they started growing in popularity from scratch. If you buy an analog, such as Camagra, it will help you get the same effect as expensive advertized medication provide and save some money. Those people, who have already tried it, note its high efficiency and recommend Camagra to their friends.
While reading the instruction, many people can start worrying about the side effects. They include headache or nasal blockage, face redness or loss of vision clarity. It is necessary to mention that most of them are possible if you ignore recommendations for using Camagra: to exceed the specified single dose without doctor’s prescription, take tablets earlier than every other day or take it with other medicine. It is not allowed to drink alcohol when taking this medication. If you follow the instruction, side effects will be low-grade and disappear fast.