The parcel is delivered only by registered post within 7 business days in EU countries. Medications are sent out only from EU. You will get a package in a well-sealed envelope with the recipient's address on it. If you are not at home, you are supposed to get a notification from the post saying that you have to pick up your parcel. Parcels are usually stored at the post for 1 week.
We ask you to pick up you orders in time, as we don’t write a return address so we can’t receive them back.

Our store is not responsible for slow processing of mail, strikes, shipment to the sender, missing notifications, unsuccessful delivery, open envelope etc., which occurred not due to mail fault.

If we received incomplete information about the order, the shipment is postponed until the circumstances are clarified. If you notice a mistake in the order, address and etc, please, inform the client support. 

Check order delivery status

To check the status of your order, please enter your order number and your email.