Smoking has a destructive effect on a human’s body. Most of smokers tried to quit this unhealthy habit, but then they still returned back to their cigarettes. Very rarely it happens so that a person can quit smoking on her own. Zyban Generic is an innovative finding in the field of medicine. The preparation helps to suppress nicotine addiction. Besides, it helps a person to acquire a whole range of feelings in the world without tobacco. The drug is a perfect solution to escape from the old nicotine issue. The preparation consists of unique components that provide a 35% stronger effect in comparison to the other drugs. You will be able to forget about your harmful habit and lead a healthy life. Moreover, you will free your close ones from constant smoke and smell which also harms their health. There is a way to give up smoking and Zyban Generic will help you with that.

Zyban Generic


The preparation is aimed at reduction of nicotine dependence. Moreover, this medication will free you from the need of smoking, as well as from anxiety, constant hunger sense, irritability and concentration problems. It has been proved that Zyban Generic provides the best effect along with psychological motivation and training. One of the components, Bupropion, has effect on the body and makes a nicotine blockade. Expect to have a double effect if you combine the drug with psychological manipulation.


You should speak to your physician before starting the course. Usual dosage of the preparation is 150 mg two times per day. If the effect is positive, the dose should be doubled. One should take the tablet with water on an empty stomach. It is forbidden to chew the pill, it must be swallowed.


Pregnant women should avoid taking the drug as well as lactating mothers. Active components in the medicament cam bring harm to the baby. If you have epilepsy, you should not use the drug too. If you have tumours, issues with kidneys or heart failure, do not take it.

People in age can take the drug having consulted with the doctor.

Side Effects

Such side effects from taking the preparation may appear: lung problems, depressive state, arrhythmia, swelling and jujul in the chest.

If you face with any of these issues, you should not take pills anymore. Other effects that can harm your health are: spontaneous aggressiveness, muscle pain, indigestion and impaired coordination of movements. You should turn to your physician to exclude any possible individual intolerance.


Some people can fall into depressive or suicidal moods while taking the preparation. Avoid overdosing or it can increase possibility of spasms and seizures. In case you experience these disorders, ask your doctor for an advice. Do not mix the drug with too much caffeine or it can cause spasms and a breath delay. Turn to your physician in case you are on sedatives, antibiotics or other medications. Never try to set a dose by yourself as every body needs a different approach. Only a specialist can determine the dose.