These are the newest pills that help a person forever forget the dependence on nicotine. Zyban Generic differs from its counterparts in that it affects the zones in the brain that control the process of enjoying a person with something. That is why getting rid of smoking and passes without any stressful moments and nervous breakdowns. The drug Bupropion is good because it does not affect the weight of a person quitting smoking, than can not «boast» all other antidepressants. In addition, it leads to an increase in sexual desire.

What is the drug Zyban Generic

How Zyban Generic works

Tablets are recognized as the first drug from smoking, which has a therapeutic rather than therapeutic effect. This is evidenced by the reviews of patients and many scientists. Due to the main substance — bupropion, Zyban Generic influences the scheme of development of nicotine addiction. Tablets contribute to the production of the hormone dopamine, responsible for getting a person pleasure. As studies have shown, Zyban Generic tablets actually relieve a bad habit, and are effective when taken in a complex way with other therapeutic substances. After a full course of treatment, about 40% of smokers completely abandoned cigarettes. When only 17% of nicotine-dependent people could do it themselves.

Tablets that are sold strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician, the prescription of the doctor are intended to quickly cure a person from smoking, while also providing the effect of psychological help. In many patients, Zyban Generic eliminates the appearance of withdrawal symptoms and a return to nicotine. Before taking the drug, you have to prepare mentally for stopping smoking. This will be easier to achieve when you feel the support of family members or the closest people. Do not be afraid to ask them about itHow to drink Zyban Generic correctly?

  • Remember that only a doctor can prescribe the drug, not your colleague or friend. Do not self-medicate.
  • If you take into account the feedback of patients, then during the treatment there can be a problem with sleep.
  • This suggests that it is better to take it in the daytime, and not at night. But it’s worthwhile to see to it that at least 8 hours pass between the pill.
  • The results of treatment will be visible already in the first week of taking the drug.
  • Here it is important to adhere to the following rule: the first week you smoke, and at the beginning of the second week, choose the exact day when you throw the last cigarette.
  • The standard treatment lasts about 1, 5 months. The main thing is to obey the doctor, follow all his recommendations and instructions.

How to use Zyban Generic

The tablets are swallowed whole and are washed down with a couple of sips of water. Do not chew the drug or dissolve it. This leads to the fact that substances enter the human body too quickly, and the risk of side effects increases, as evidenced by the patients’ testimonies. It also happens that a person forgets to take a pill in time. It is recommended that you skip the dose and drink the medicine according to the prescribed regimen, without doubling the next dose.