This drug is based on Tadalafil. This medication is acting because it relaxes penis before sexual intercourse which increses the erection and all the processes. The erection is significallt improved by various actions of Tadalafil. One of these actions is total relaxation. This medication is not about sexual stimulation it is just about an increasing of the blood flow.

When To Use Cialis

This medication is about dealing with the dysfunction of penis.

How to Apply Cialis

This medication is about oral precipitation. These pills are covered by the medical, the doctors recommend to intake it by washing a cup of water or tea. This medication is taken without any regards to the food intake. This procedure about how to take Cialis is very simple.

The usual dose of the medication is taken about half of an hour before sexual intercourse. Given the fact that the efficiency of one single dosage is stored about thirty-six hours we recommend to take the pill earlier.

The recommended dosage of the Cialis medication is one tablet.


Talk a Bit About Some Side Effects.

  • Some patients may experience a kind of headache.
  • As well as the headache some people may experience the symptoms as:
  • the pain in the back,
  • the hyperemia on the face as well;
  • the obstruction of the nose;
  • the pain in the eyes;
  • hyperemia in conjunctive may appear somehow;
  • some people experience dizziness.

In these cases you should stop the intake of Cialis no prescription  and avoid it somehow for some time. If you experience an erection for more than four hours, you might seek for some medical help. Because if you reject it, your situation might be getting worse.

Where You Might Not Intake Cialis

This medication is forbidden if you have any kind of allergy to these components.

If you receive the organic nitrates you might stop the Cialis intake immediately.

This drug is not designed for women as well as for children.

We are not recommending taking any Cialis medication for those who experience any kind of tension or heart problems. In these cases intake of Cialis could be dangerous. Be careful.

How Does The Drug Interact to Others

The organic netrates are forbidden to combine with Cialis. This drug does not change any pharmacological conditions of the drugs taken earlier.

You may observe some incresing of tension as well if you take a lot of this medication. Combine the medications carefully. Do not apply several medications with the near-same efficiency at once. You might experience some overtension or even the more dangerous symptoms.

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