What is a full life for a man? Correct, a full life for a man is when he is successful in all spheres of his life (including sex). Making love for hours and stable sexual power make men successful in the eyes of women. Erectile dysfunction is something that prevents a man from being successful. It is not quite acceptable to speak about this problem in our society out loud. Every male is afraid that one day he will be unable to be in charge of his sexual life. This can lead to numerous psychological traumas and disorders. Super Levitra Generic can become a saviour in such situation. It helps to overcome erection issues. Using the drug you will bring most of pleasure to your partner and yourself. Dive into the world of sexual pleasure and always be confident in your strength.

Super Levitra Generic


The preparation is aimed at relaxation of the inguinal muscles. It also stimulates the blood flow to the male’s genitals. After taking the drug, you will have a strong erection up to four hours and will not have to be afraid of premature ejaculation. The product will make you feel a full-fledged sexual act again. Forget about any failures. Take the pill and be a king in the bed. Super Levitra Generic provides an effect on the reproductive system. This renews potency and provides a stable erection.


Your physician should appoint the needed dosage. The doctor will develop your personal scheme of taking the preparation. Usual dosage is one tablet for a grown up. The pill should be taken on an empty stomach and with clear water. Alcohol should not be consumed together with the preparation. Preliminary stimulation will be the best supplement to the pill’s effect. Men after 65 should consult the doctor before taking the drug. In case you forget when you had the last pill, do not take the next one in 24 hours at least.


If you have cardiovascular dystonia, leukaemia, allergy to the active components of the drug, heart issues, liver or kidney issues and chronic epilepsy, you should stay away from taking the preparation.

Men suffering from anemia and weak immune system should carefully consider the treatment scheme and dosage. Check for the individual intolerance of the drug. It is necessary to visit your doctor before taking the medicine.

Side Effects

It was determined that only 3% of men taking the drug faced side effects. There were rash, itching, muscle spasms, diarrhea, dizziness, heartburn and temporary loss of hearing and sight among them.

However, each organism is different, that is why these side effects will not happen to you for sure. This list presents only some of the possible issues. In case you experience chest pain, arrhythmia, weakness or fatigue, immediately contact an ambulance.


In case you experience the erection for more than five hours, contact your physician. Kids, elderly people and women are forbidden to take the drug. One should not take sedatives, narcotic substances or alcohol with the preparation. Make sure to be examined for personal intolerance of Super Levitra Generic before taking it. If you feel a sharp problem with your health, contact a specialist immediately. Do not compose the treatment scheme by yourself. Do not experiment with the preparation without your doctor’s advice.