When a man starts loosing hair, it brings plenty of inconveniences for him including different psychological issues. Especially men that used to have gorgeous hair are annoyed about that. Some men are disposed to hair loss generically. Some men face with this issue due to certain health problems. However, every man that has faced this problem wants to find a solution. The Propecia Generic drug was developed to help with hair restoration. It increases hair growth in the open head area.

Propecia Generic


The effect is provided by an active ingredient called Finasteride. It influences the work of enzymes and dihydrotestosterone. This creates a suitable condition for the hair’s health and growth. Hair follicles are activated and new hair starts growing. A person can see the result in several months already. It is possible to reach perfect hair coverage in 1 year. Constant taking of the drug provides a stable growth of hair. It does not bring any harm to the sculp. Propecia Generic helps to strengthen the hair.


Your doctor will help you to find the best treatment period and dosage. Regular dose is 1 mg daily (for an adult). There are different packages varying from 30 to 90 tablets. In case there are lots of hair issues, the dosage can be increased. Tablets should be taken with a glass of clear water. One should not break the treatment period in order to achieve the best results. A break in the course can lead to incomplete effect. Moreover, there can be a regression due to a long break. Make sure you don’t set the dosage by yourself.


Individual intolerance of it should be excluded by a doctor. Make sure you consult with the specialist to avoid any unpleasant issues. The drug should be kept away from kids. People suffering from kidney and liver issues should avoid using it. Pregnant women should not take it as well. If you have hepatitis, better refuse from the drug.

This is not a secret that every organism can have an individual reaction to different medicines. Therefore, don’t try to prescribe treatment by yourself.

Side Effects

People who are taking Propecia Generic face minimal risks. Side effects include erection delay, skin rashes, allergic issues and reduced sexual activity.

If a person taking the drug faces any of the aforementioned side effects, it is necessary to turn to a specialist right away. If the issues continue, the treatment should be changed by a doctor. Sometimes the drug is intolerant individually. If the large doses of Propecia Generic are prescribed, one can experience low physical activity and increased sweating.


Be careful with the drug doses. There should not be any serious issues with the body, but they are probable. Children and woman expecting a child should not take the drug. Avoid taking antibiotics and alcohol together with Propecia Generic. The treatment course should be developed by a doctor, especially if one has any problems with health. If you suffer from heart diseases, the drug is not recommended. The drug is useful in case if there are enough of hidden hair follicles on one’s head.