Nowadays busy world leaves less and less time for us. Sometimes people even don’t have time to eat properly and get used to eating on the run. In most cases, people consume high-calorie food as it is the quickest way to become full. However, our figure and body are severely harmed by this kind of food. And we end up with unnecessary pounds. Orlistat is a perfect solution for this problem. Go ahead and step out in front of those extra pounds on the way to your new body. People suffering from extra weight or from disorders with digestive system should take the preparation. German physicians conducted practical studies and came to the conclusion that in 96% of the subjects there was a serious weight loss (not counting overall improvement in well-being).



How does this preparation work? Its components are able to block part of the consumed fats in food one takes. In such a way, it treats obesity and provokes weight loss. If one takes the drug systematically, the digestive system turns back to its normal regime. Orlistat is suitable for people of different age groups because it does not have any side effects. The medication creates energy deficit and in such a way it makes the organism reduce its reserves of fat. Orlistat should be combined with physical exercise. If combined, these two rules will present you with beautiful body. In order to reach the best effect in the smallest amount of time, one should count calories consumed and keep to a balanced diet.


A doctor should prescribe Orlistat dosage. Normally, a grown-up person should take 120 mg of the drug 3 times per day after eating. It is also possible to take the preparation 60 minutes after a meal. Kids who have passed the 12-year-old millstone can take the preparation in the same dosage. Only your physician should decide if it is needed to increase the dosage. Orlistat comes in packages of 30, 60 and 90 tablets. You should also take a large dose of vitamins as well as trace elements which will stabilize the basic systems of your body.


You should not take the drug if you are pregnant (during the whole period of pregnancy). In case of liver or kidney issues, exclude Orlistat from your menu. If you suffer from violations in the gastrointestinal tract dysfunction or have diabetes and pancreatitis, you are also not allowed to take the medication.

The drug should not be consumed with alcohol.

Side Effects

Side effects can occur because of the blocking of fats. You can feel shortness of breath, pain in the lower back, the presence of blood in urine or extra swelling. If you feel any aforementioned issues, consult your doctor right away. In case the condition becomes worse, contact an ambulance. One should not overeat while taking Orlistat otherwise toxins will be concentrated in the body. Sometimes people feel chill and nauseous after taking the drug.


Make sure you inform your physician about the medicines that you use beforehand. Some medicaments can be incompatible with the preparation. This can lead to a negative effect on your health. For example, drugs for epilepsy and insulin cannot be used together with Orlistat. Be attentive in order to purchase the real preparation, not a fake one. Purchase Orlistat only from a trusted dealer