This is usually a white or transparent powder. Virtually they might not be dissolved in water, soluble in chloroform, easily soluble in ethanol as well as methanol. The united form of this medication: capsules.

Pharmacological Properties

A peripheral action is made for an obesity treatment; this is the specific inhibitor acting the following way: digestive lipases with an action that lasts for the long time. Since the very first your intake of this medication, quantity of calories you receive decreases and the same thing happens with some fats consummated.

While you take Orlistat, the fat in stool can be highly concentrated masses rises after you start a treatment during one or two days decreases after you cancel the treatment within 48-72 hours. Then it returns to the original level.

An absorption process of the digestive tract is as decreased as possible. In vitro Orlistat more than 99% associated with blood plasma proteins. The minimal amount of Orlistat could penetrate into the red cells of blood. The methcbolitic process of the Orlistat at the pre-system level.


Eat one dosage of Orlistat one hour after each meal. Missed the food? Avoid taking an Orlistat. The daily diet should be divided into 3 main methods. You should not take more Orlistat than three times one hundred twenty miligrams per day. The side effects of the orlistat might not appear if you apply the medication carefully.

Briefly About Some Side Effects


Some problems with defecation as well as with colons are possible as well. These effects regularly occur during the first two or three weeks of the treatment process also repeat just once. Be sure that your therapist knows about this medication. In addition, sometimes you may experience some discomfort, rectum; sometimes it can be soft stools, damage to teeth as well as gums. Insome rare cases hypersensitivity can be occurred. Rarely, the backgrounding symptoms of the treatment by Orlistat could be some, there the overall decrease of the immunity can occur as a result you may experience

  • Influenza;
  • headache;
  • dysmenorrheal;
  • anxiety;
  • general weakness.

But they are not related of their increasing with Orlistat medication.

Some Instructions For this Medication

To be sure that all the ingredients were taken correctly, you might prescribe multivitamin complex (take them before the bedtime or two hours after an Orlistat).

You need to be recommended and advised with the diet that might include non-fatty food. Because if you eat a lot of fatty food, the effect might not appear anyway.

Some experimental studies devoted to the study of reproductive human functions concluded that the medication Orlistat does not affect any kind of reproductive function.

Where To Buy Orlistat

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