Lipase inhibitor. When administered Orlistat impacts on various kinds of lipases. The degradation of food fats is violated and absorbing function decreases. Systematic usage, can drive this effect to leadind the decreaing of the body weight within the focus groups experiencing obesity. Orlistat is practically has not any resorptive affection.

Pharmacological dynamics

Lipase inhibitor. When administered orlistat inhibits various lipases. The degradation of fats is violated and the absorption of it decreases. Systematic usage, can provide the effect of decreasing the body weight among people experiencing obesity.

Description of pharmacological action of the Orlistat

With particular care it is possible to apply Orlistat during the pregnancy and the lactation periods.

Contraindications. Syndrome of special allergic reactions to Orlistat.

There might be some side effects.

  • oily defecation process,
  • flatulence,
  • «fat» stool,
  • frequent defecation,
  • imperative urges for defecation,
  • incontinence of stool.

How To Take In Orlistat Correctly

Take one pill during the main meal or within an hour after a meal. Usually no more than 3 times per day. With the food containing few fats, skip the dose of Orlistat without consequences.

Let’s talk about combining an Orlistat with other drugs. Orlistat obviously decreases an absorption of beta-carotine. So you can intake some additional supplementals like vitamines to supply your health.

Before the applying of Orlistat the organic reason of obesity should be decreased or deleted.

A balanced lowcalorie diet is highly recommended during all the treatment. Fats might provide 30% of overall calories intake or less. Daily dosage of fats, carbohydrates, proteins are supposed to be splitted among all the meals intakes. Since Orlistat reduces the ability to absorb the vitamins, you might buy some additional supplementals containing these vitamins as well. To say more, the amount of vitamin D as well as beta-carotene among patients with obesity might be at lower level than among those who has any obesity. Multivitamins might be taken in the timeframe of two hours before or after taking an Orlistat, per example, before night sleep. The amount of a medication took daily more than 120 mg three times per day will not provide any additional effect. If you take in this medication and cyclosporine at the same time as a course, frequent observing of the cyclosporine in blood plasma is required.

Orlistat’s induction of losing weight is combined with improvement of metabolic control in diabetes mellitus, but it might require lower dosage of another supplementals.

Special instructions for admission are simple but worth mentioning

The frequency and severity of the side effects increase proportionally to increasing levels of the diets fat. Decreasing of a fat and totally balanced menue, will drive you to the situation in which the side effects are reduced. Recommended amount of fat consumed per day might be fairly evenly splitted among all the meals you eat during the day.