Propecia (Finasteride) — is the first approved medicine for all those who faced the problem with the baldness. According to the researches 80% of patients who took Prospecia Generic had observed stop of the hair loss and stimulation for new growth.

Alopecia does not affect its physical state, but it causes some troubles in psychological health. Baldness the most popular disease among men/ It gives significant inconvenience, because of which complexes can arise. The reason of alopecia is overproduction of the dihydrotestosterone in the male body. The long-lasting accumulation of the hormone causes the dying of the follicile and hair stoppes to grow.

Let’s talk about the mechanism of the impact. In total, there are several kinds of baldness and each type has its own causes of emergence as well as the treatment. The commonest kind is androgenic alopecia, which affects about 90-95% of balding men. Therefore, the attention and efforts of doctors are put on combating this kind of baldness. Due to lengthy studies and surveys, a highly effective drug, Propecia, was developed.

Briefly About Prospecia Generic

Advantages Of The Drug

Propecia was designed to treat baldness. Propecia prevents the baldness, and restores hair growth at the first course of admission. Propecia Generic is designed to cope with androgenic kind of baldness, since it was created for this kind, while other kinds have different nature of starting and propecia will not be efficient at all. In the fight against androgenic alopecia, Prospecia Generic shows fantastic results and the highest efficiency. Briefly mention dosing and administration.

Take Propecia Generic 1 pill a day or as directed by your therapist. Dosage is provided individually for each person, according to the flow of illness, general health, and every observed side effects. If you missed one planned take-in of Propecia Generic, do not take in a double norm, just wait until the next dose, drink the amount prescribed to you.

The Effect of The Medication

The reason of baldness is an overproduction in the males body of the dihydrotestosterone, as a result of which hair follicles die and the head begins to get bold. The action of Propecia Generic is based on blocking the dihydrotestosterone production. After this, the action of the propecia is aimed at restoring the hairline of a man, but it will take some time to recover. As it is known, hair grows on average 1 cm per month, so for a better result should be at least 3 months.

After obtaining the desired result, continie taking the medication for fixing the effect, and if you observe the repeated production of the hormone, you can prescribe the generic propecia on an ongoing basis. Do not worry, this is completely safe, because the drug is intended for permanent usage and does not affect your body from the negative side.

There are some side effects that can be observed:

  • Decrease of the sex intentions;
  • Significant reduction of sperm;
  • Problems with erectile function.

But these side effects were extremely rare and quickly passed. You can buy Prospecia Generic right here in order to cope with the hair loss problems as soon as possible.