The erectile dysfunction that is treated in men. We recommend you the dosage of fifty milligrams. This medication acts during an hour after you take it in. Never take the drug more than once a day because otherwise you may experience some hypertension issues. The Kamagra is efficient only why you experience the natural sexual arousal.


Various studies dedicated to this topic can be applied on totally healthy people, the single dose must not be provided more than 0,8 grams, increased an variety and possibility of side effects as well. The overdose will be treated according to its symptoms.


About Some Side Effects

Here is what you can experience from the nervous system:

  • some headaches;
  • a bit of dizziness;
  • face blood flushes;
  • change of color perception;
  • your photosensitivity might be increased;
  • also some fogging effect might appear.

All of these side effects are short-term and appear not in every case. But anyway watch your state and be careful.

There Are Some Contraindications:

  • Hypersensitivity to some components of the drugs.
  • Nitrate therapy.

How The Medicine Interact With Other Medications and Alcohol

An overdose is possible if you are applying this drug with some others at the same time. Avoid combining this drug with an alcohol. The alcohol might affect an erection negatively as well. When applying the Kamagra at the same time as alcohol, it can reduce an efficiency of the drug.

Pharmacological efficiency

Slidenafil increases the potency of the erection. This will not matter what causes impotence: body problems or some troubles in your head. The drug will help you anyway. It has no importance even for how long they were launched. This drug is not for the treatment of the reasons. It is just about some temporary effect. Kamagra effervescer tablets can also be used in the causes when the erection is present but obviously not enough. This drug increases the relaxation and increases the potency of some side effects. As well as for an efficiency of the drug the mandatory is the sexual stimulation that might be present as well. The reasons of the erection are completely natural.

The surveys said that the dosage of 100 milligrams is useful in 82 percents of the cases. An optimal dosage is 50 milligrams that goes for all the people. You might not indulge in an independent dose increase without first consulting a doctor; this will save you from possible side aspects of the over dosage and help avoid any side effects.

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